Akashic Records 3 (2022)

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Akashic Records 3 (2022)

Akashic Records 3 2022 Illuminati

The third installment of Akashic Records will be held from 22 October till 31 October 2022 at Omotesando Hills Space O, Tokyo, and will be larger than previous years. Titled "From Illuminati", Akashic Records 3 will be curated by Tatsuhiko Akashi, President of Medicom Toy.

Tatsuhiko Akashi Medicom Toy

The event will feature a mix of new art toys and Bearbricks from both new and existing artists/designers.


BE@RBRICK U.F.O. 2nd Ver. - 400%, 1000%

BE@RBRICK U.F.O. 2nd Ver.

A contrast from the first colourful gradient version of light emitting Bearbrick, Alan Smithee Film has used a black to white gradient chrome finishing for the second version of the light emitting U.F.O Bearbrick.


BE@RBRICK × Lauren Tsai - 400%+100%, 1000%

Lauren Tsai Bearbrick

Lauren Tsai, an American illustrator, model and actress, collaborated with Medicom Toy for the release of her second Bearbrick, adapted from her illustrations.


MAMES BE@RBRICK FLOR@ #2 White - 400%, 1000%


Artist duo MAMES, consist of Kentaro Shirakawa and chami, will release the much anticipated Mames Flor@ #2 in white. 


BE@RBRICK × SHUN SUDO - 400%+100%, 1000%

SHUN SUDO Bearbrick

Shun Sudo will be releasing one of his works, "Button Flower", at Akashic Records 3. Definitely one to look out for!


BE@RBRICK × EXCALIBUR - 400%+100%, 1000%


EXCALIBUR, an art production founded by Yoshinori Tanaka, used a variety of finishes to create the Satoshi Bearbrick, paying tribute to Bitcoin developer Satoshi Nakamoto. 


BE@RBRICK New Akatsuka Bakabon's Papa - 400%, 1000%

BE@RBRICK New Akatsuka Bakabon's Papa

A collaboration between the late Japanese manga artist, Fujio Akatsuka, and Rieko Akatsuka. The New Akatsuka Bakabon No Papa Bearbricks will have lights emitting the words "ニューアカツカ" (New Akatsuka).


BE@RBRICK Doubly Warped BLACK HOLE - 400%+100%, 1000%

Doubly Warped BLACK HOLE Bearbrick

NASA has continued its collaboration with Medicom Toy with the release of Doubly Warped Black Hole, a print from NASA's simulation developed in 2021.


Kutani BE@RBRICK Takumi [Akae Sekkamon] 400%

Kutani BE@RBRICK Takumi [Akae Sekkamon]

Midland Creation has continued to produce porcelain Bearbricks for Medicom Toy, with its latest creation Takumi [Akae Sekkamon] 400%.


Akashic Records 3 2022

Akashic Records 3 2022

Last but not least, we will also see extremely limited releases by Anne Valerie Dupond and Nagnagnag.