Artist in Focus: Hajime Sorayama

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Hajime Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama Portrait


Born 1947 in Tokyo, Japan, Hajime Sorayama (空山 基) is a Japanese illustrator well known for hyperrealism erotic portrayals of feminized, biomechanoid robots, known as gynoids. Sorayama's works are heavily influenced by American pin-up models - Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Madonna and more.

In his signature sexy robot series created back in 1983, Sorayama portrayed women as an idealization of a future where women are free from patriarchy and celebrated as deities or goddesses. Most of his works, to date, are NSFW (Not Safe For Work). In a Highsnobiety article, Sorayama mentioned that he never had any assistants or mentor(s). He found his success through dedication and practice. 


Sorayama x Medicom Toy

Sorayama first collaborated with Medicom Toy back in 2004, for a set of 100% Worldwide Tour box set.

 Sorayama WWT Bearbrick 2004

The next collaboration came in the form of a metal sculpture for Kaws' OriginalFake brand in 2009 - Kaws No Future Companion.

Hajime Sorayama Kaws No Future Companion

Medicom x Sorayama x Originalfake Kaws No Future Companion (2009) (Credits:


Both Medicom Toy and Sorayama have had quite a quiet period since the collaboration with Kaws, but they revived their partnership in 2017 with the release of Sexy Robot Bearbrick and Rabbrick.

Sorayama Sexy Robat

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Sorayama went on to design many Bearbricks with Medicom Toy, but none more prominent than the following models. In a rare triple collaboration with Marvel, Sorayama designed Ironman, which came in an chrome on chrome printing. A sculpture of the Sorayama Ironman was shown in Medicom's exhibition back in 2019, but no release information was given.

Sorayama Ironman Bearbrick

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 Ironman Sorayama Sculpture



Sorayama x Daniel Arsham

In November 2019, Sorayama collaborated with Daniel Arsham to launch an exclusive for 2G Tokyo, a partnership between Nanzuka, Medicom Toy, Poggy and Daytona International. The collaboration between Sorayama and Arsham remains as one of the most highly sought after Bearbricks since then. 

Daniel Arsham Hajime Sorayama Bearbrick

Coupled with the collaboration with Dior, Sorayama attained a level of commercialization that few artists have achieved. At age 74, Sorayama is still going strong, creating desirable works accepted by masses, as well as fashionistas and art collectors worldwide. 

Dior Sorayama collaboration

Dior x Sorayama Capsule (Credits:


Other prominent works and collaborations by Sorayama

 Sorayama Classic Robot Surf

Sorayama Classic Robot Surf  (2018) (Credits:


Sorayama Xlarge

Sorayama x Xlarge (2016 and 2020) (Credits:


mizuno sorayama wave prophecy

Hajime Sorayama x Mizuno (2021) Wave Prophecy (Credits:


Bape Sorayama collaboration

Hajime Sorayama x Bape (2021) (Credits: