Medicom Toy 25th Anniversary Exhibition

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Medicom Toy 25th Anniversary Exhibition

Medicom Toy 25th Anniversary Exhibition

This year, Medicom Toy will be celebrating their 25th anniversary kicking off with an exhibition from 22 July 2021 to 25 July 2021, at Omotesando Hills in Tokyo, Japan. 


What is this about?

Significance of 25th anniversary aside, Medicom Toy usually holds a highly-anticipated physical exhibition in July every year (with the exception of 2020 which exhibition was converted into a virtual event due to COVID-19) to showcase the releases for the next half of the year (July - December). This has started as an annual tradition since 2003, and greatly appeals to the hardcore collectors and general public alike.

Medicom Toy Exhibition 2019

Medicom Toy 2019 Exhibition (Pic credits:


Medicom Toy 2018 Anniversary Exhibition

Medicom Toy 2018 Exhibition (Pic credits:


Medicom Toy 2014 Anniversary Exhibition

Medicom Toy 2014 Exhibition (Pic credits:

Not all releases will be shown at the exhibition, but it gives collectors a good preview of the upcoming releases. 


What else?

There will also be exhibition limited merchandise available. This will be made available to VIPs and winners of the lottery who get to enter the exhibition.

 Medicom Toy 25th Anniversary Exhibition Merchandise

Medicom Toy 2021 25th Anniversary Exhibition Merchandise

The merchandise will also be available online, on a first come first serve basis.