Why are Bearbricks so popular?

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Why are Bearbricks so Popular?


The widely coveted one. That undeniable collectible toy.

Over the past 21 years, Bearbricks has exploded in popularity and garnered much public affection. We witnessed a steady rise in demand for the toy and a surge especially in the past year when Covid-19 hit the world, making Bearbrick collection an increasingly expensive hobby.

So what makes this collectible toy so desirable?


There's much diversity in themes.

Medicom Toy, the creator of Bearbricks, is able to appeal to masses with a single product. With the myriad of Bearbricks available, collectors are spoiled for choices, and have the ability to curate their own collections by selecting pieces that resonate with their personalities, interests and lifestyles.


For the arty-farty: You get to own a piece of the art piece by your favourite artist, from modern artists such as Mika Ninagawa and Daniel Arsham, to late artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Vincent Van Gogh


Fans of famed fashion brands would be pleased to know that Bearbricks have been created in collaboration with these brands, such as Clot, Supreme, Bape, Undercover, Porter, X-Girl, X-Large, FDMTL, sacai, Neighborhood


Sneakerheads can consider adding these Bearbrick collaborations with Nike, SBTG to your ever-growing sneaker collection


Audiophiles: Musicians such as Daft Punk, J.S.B (Japanese Soul Brothers), Pushead


Movie Buffs: Star Wars, Odyssey, Kingsman The Secret Service, Justice League, Avengers


If you are a cartoon fan, you will be spoiled for choices with Pikachu, Tom & Jerry, Ultraman, Doraemon, Peanuts, TMNT, Hello Kitty, Garfield, Cookie Monster and more!


Price accessibility enables anyone and everyone to start collecting.

Affordability is key to the mass appeal of Bearbricks. It caters to different segments of the market who have different budgets.

For new hobbyists with limited budget, you can start off by spending as little as S$7 on a 100% Bearbrick (small). If you have more budget, you could consider getting a 400% (medium) at a higher starting price point of S$120, while 1000% (large) tend to start from S$600 onwards.


 Budget (S$) $0 - $50 $120 - $600 $601 - $2,000 >$2,000
Sizes available 100% 200% &  400%/100% 400%/100% 400%/100%
1000% 1000% 1000%


Medicom Toy's secretive release information creates a mystery.

Medicom Toy has traditionally been tight lipped on its new releases. With the exception of a handful of releases, quantity has been kept a secret for years as well.

The mystery surrounding its releases and supply makes it attractive to collectors, who are constantly second-guessing Medicom's next move. The suspense creates anticipation and excitement to say the least.


Pop culture amplifies the appeal of Bearbricks.

You would have seen worldwide celebrities, media personalities, artists and designers showcasing their own collections, not just in interviews and social media, but even in music videos. Bearbricks may not be spoken about explicitly by these artistes – eagle-eyed fans would have seen them in the background as an accessory or display. Notable personalities include G-Dragon, Pharrell Williams, JJ Lin, Ben Baller and more.


So are Bearbricks desirable? Very much so, we say.